Technical Paper: Efficient Sub-Surface Drainage in Reinforced Soil Structures with Multi-Linear Geocomposite

In this Reinforced Earth paper, we explore the implementation of Multi-Linear Geocomposite DrainTube® as a sub-surface drainage solution in the rehabilitation of a Reinforced Soil Structure (RSS) in Himachal Pradesh, India. Initially completed in 2019, the structure suffered a partial collapse during the monsoon season of 2022 due to inadequate drainage. Following a successful rehabilitation in 2023, the structure has since performed reliably. This case study underscores the critical role of proper drainage in Reinforced Soil Structures, showcasing the benefits of the chosen geocomposite solution in maintaining optimal conditions for a dry reinforced soil, adhering to design specifications.

Our protect and strengthen segment manager, Ignacio Hirthe,  presented this paper at the GEOANZ conference in Melbourne.

It highlights the innovative approach and successful outcomes of the project. Download and read the full technical paper and DrainTube case study via the adjacent box.

More on DrainTube

DrainTube is a cutting-edge drainage geosynthetic offering mechanical protection, filtration, drainage and leak detection. It is a conductive drainage geocomposite consisting of a conductive grid made of Stainless-Steel cables placed inside a DrainTube product. This product aims to provide mechanical protection, filtration, drainage and leak detection. Multiple solutions such as these are available in customised lengths and stiffness, depending on the requirements of the design.

DrainTube is especially suited to mining and construction related drainage, with both sectors requiring customised solutions specifically adapted to dynamic situations. This geosynthetic drainage solution offers a higher capacity drainage than many current products offered in Australia at present. As such, Reinforced Earth’s DrainTube able to handle high loads. This latest innovation in geosynthetics from Reinforced Earth is offered in partnership with AFITEX-Texel across Australia. 

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