Over the years, the Reinforced Earth® technology has been enhanced by numerous technological breakthroughs. Our expert engineers will put decades of design experience at the service of your next project.

Geosynthetics are uniquely designed to deliver varying functions such as stabilisation, reinforcement, separation, filtration, drainage, erosion control or containment of liquids.

There are varied types of geosynthetics available, each differing in the way they’re designed and created, as well as what they’re used for. See below for the key solutions offered by Reinforced Earth.

  • ArmaGrid®:  Biaxial and uniaxial, polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) geogrids that address the need for basal reinforcement, piled embankments, pavement reinforcement and void bridging.
  • ArmaLynk®:  A high-strength PET geogrid used for various basal reinforcement and challenging ground stabilisation needs in support of building roads, bridges, runways, railways, working platforms, and heavy-duty pavements.
  • TechRevetment™ concrete mattresses:  Non woven geotextiles with geotextile fabric form and fine aggregate concrete that is a durable solution for erosion protection.
  • TerraGreen™:  Durable erosion protection that offers significant savings compared to rock riprap and other traditional solutions.
  • TerraTextile™ NW non woven geotextiles:  Provides excellent strength and hydraulic characteristics necessary for filtration, separation, drainage, damage control, threats to ground stabilisation and erosion control.


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Reinforced Earth’s geosynthetic products to international specifications. Highly durable, with a long lifespan, geosynthetics provide an innovative solution within civil engineering, offering  high-performance, cost-effective solutions to geotechnical issues and challenges.

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