Join us for CPD training on rockfall protection fences. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, and interested in rockfall protection applications, then these complimentary training sessions are for you.

Rockfall Catchment Fences – An Overview of Historical Progress and Modern Design

This session will explore the history and development of modern rockfall catchment fences, tracing their origins from early problem recognition and primitive testing with rolling rocks in the 1950s and 1960s to the introduction of flexible systems. We will delve into the evolution of standardised system testing and certification guidelines, highlighting the emergence of hybrids, attenuators and other systems. Attendees will gain an understanding of the design process, modelling, and adherence to ONR guidelines and ETAG/EAD standards. Additionally, we will cover essential rockfall barrier and fence maintenance programs and the comprehensive documentation related to these systems.

Perfect for: Professionals in geotechnical engineering, safety management and anyone interested in advancements in rockfall catchment fencing technology.
Duration: 1 hour – Eligible for CPD hours (Engineers Australia).

How to sign up for CPD training

Contact your local Reinforced Earth office or and reach out to our rockfall barrier and solutions expert, Ignacio Hirthe, to discover more.

You can also enquire for your team to join our complimentary training session via this link and Igancio will reach out to you.

Learn more about rockfall fences and rockfall mitigation solutions

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