Over the years, the Reinforced Earth® technology has been enhanced by numerous technological breakthroughs. Our expert engineers will put decades of design experience at the service of your next project.

Soil Nails and Rock Anchors

Soil nails and rock anchors are engineered solutions that are used for stabilising slopes, excavation, retaining walls, embankments and foundations.

They ensure stability and take control of embankment soil and rock displacement, foundation instability, mass erosion and retention facing displacements.

Reinforced Earth offers both passive and active TerraNail™ soil stabilisation and TerraAnchor™ anchoring engineered solutions for slopes and embankments, and all types of earth retention. 

Soil anchors are used to actively stabilize structures and embankments that are subject to, or have already experienced destabilisation or displacement caused by weathering, soil erosion, drag, vibration, buoyancy, and impact among other conditions.

Soil nails, such as TerraNail, consists of reinforcing the soil or rock mass by passive inclusions to increases the overall shear strength and stability of in-situ
soil or rock strata and restrains its displacements.

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