RECo’s TechSpan® arch bridge spans an impressive 21 metres

The South32 Quindanning Mine Enabling Infrastructure project in Western Australia achieved a significant milestone with the successful installation of Reinforced Earth’s TechSpan® precast concrete arch bridge over Pinjarra-Williams Road.

Designed and manufactured by Reinforced Earth and constructed by Georgiou, this TechSpan® precast concrete arch is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere, spanning an impressive 21 meters.

Working on remote projects presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to concrete pouring. However, Georgiou’s project team met each challenge head-on, completing 500 cubic meters of concrete pours for the arch footings and backfilling the structure to facilitate crane pad construction. And finally, successfully installing arches, all within just two days!

This accomplishment of designing, manufacturing and installing the Southern Hemisphere’s largest precast arch is a testament to the dedication, expertise and teamwork across project partners.


Australia’s leading precast concrete arch solution, TechSpan®, is transforming road and rail construction in mining and transport infrastructure.

These precast engineered arch structures, which are fast and efficient to install onsite, are designed to accommodate high fills, heavy live loads, as well as alternating loading conditions imposed during both installation and in service conditions.

With a 100-year lifespan, Reinforced Earth’s TechSpan® precast concrete arches are utilised across various largescale mining and infrastructure projects.

While sophisticated in terms of design, the solution is simple for planners and builders to incorporate into their bridge and tunnel projects across Australia.
TechSpan® is a three-pin, two-piece, funicular curve-shaped arch, designed and patented by the Reinforced Earth Company, consisting of single or half arch units that meet at the crown, supported by a footing sized for site specific conditions.

As with Reinforced Earth’s mechanically stablised earth (MSE) walls, the backfill around the TechSpan® arch contributes to the resistance of the entire structure, constraining lateral deflections of the arch under vertical loads (soil-structure interaction).

The funicular curve of TechSpan® precast concrete bridges and tunnels minimise the tensile forces in the arch, creating an axially compressed structure, leading to increased durability and cost savings.

Pictured above: Precast concrete arch installation of Reinforced Earth’s TechSpan® solution at the South32 Quindanning Mine in Western Australia

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