Rockfall protection has become more crucial than ever amidst the challenges posed by natural disasters, states Roads & Infrastructure magazine in our latest interview on Reinforced Earth’s rockfall protection solutions.

Safeguarding structures against potential damage caused by natural disasters or geohazards, with a focus on designing structures to withstand such risks, is a must in today’s environment.

Read our latest interview with Roads & Infrastructure magazine on our rockfall protection system, which is experiencing a surge in demand as the need to minimise the risk of loose rocks and debris impacting infrastructure intensifies.

Ignacio Hirthe, our Business Line Manager for Strengthen and Protect, spearheads the development and implementation of these innovative solutions. He emphasises that the introduction of these products underscores Reinforced Earth’s commitment to offering comprehensive geotechnical solutions to the infrastructure sector.

Heavy rainfall, accelerated erosion

“Rockfall protection has emerged as a critical need, particularly in road and infrastructure projects, driven by the effects of climate change, such as heavy rainfall and accelerated erosion,” he said. “Our aim is to provide solutions that not only protect infrastructure and assets but, most importantly, ensure the safety of people against various geohazards.”

Reinforced Earth’s rockfall protection systems have already been deployed in numerous international projects, with ongoing ventures in New Zealand. Furthermore, our collaboration with Trumer Schutzbauten, an Austrian geohazards specialist, has strengthened our capabilities in this domain.

“Trumer brings years of expertise and a successful track record in implementing nets and barriers globally. Our partnership enables us to adapt and develop solutions tailored to specific project requirements,” explained Hirthe.

Flexibility, site-specific design

He highlights the flexibility of Reinforced Earth’s products, citing a case in Canada where our team adapted a catchment fence to suit site-specific conditions. This ability to customise solutions ensures optimal performance and safety in diverse project environments.

“In Canada, a rockfall protection catchment fence needed to be installed on top of a small wall, but the wall wasn’t able to withstand the weight. As a result, we adapted the base plate of the barrier to be anchored, using two ropes and a cord to create a floating plate over the wall.

“Those are the little things that we can implement into our systems to adapt them specifically to the needs of different projects,” he said.

“This represents a new frontier for Reinforced Earth, and I’m excited about the opportunities it presents. We are committed to assisting clients in mitigating risks associated with environmental challenges.”

Contact your local Reinforced Earth office or and reach out to our expert, Ignacio Hirthe, to discover how we can assist you.

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