Geohazard mitigation, such as rockfall protection and debris flow barriers, is rising in prominence as recent climate events across Australia highlight the pressing need to prepare for an uncertain future.

Climate change is ushering in unprecedented challenges, with the frequency and intensity of geohazards such as debris flows and rockfalls on the rise. Reinforced Earth is on the front lines of geohazard mitigation. Our state-of-the-art rockfall protection and barrier systems act as a shield against environmental risks, such as heavy rainfall and floods, to safeguard critical infrastructure, communities, and the delicate balance of local environments.

Our rockfall protection barriers and debris flow nets are adaptable environmental solutions to government authorities, mining operators and landholders alike; be it off-the-shelf options for swift deployment or fully customised solutions.

The solutions mitigate the damage caused by natural disasters or related phenomenon. We also design structures to resist industrial risks.

Rockfall protection expertise

Reinforced Earth’s engineered solutions for rockfall protection and related applications are specialised barriers that are meticulously designed to intercept and mitigate the impact of falling rocks and debris, offering robust defence against geohazards.

Partnering with Trumer Schutzbauten, a global leader in rockfall protection barriers, our Australian customers receive exceptional products and expertise in the fields of rockfall protection and slope stabilization.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass a range of options, including rockfall fences such as rockfall attenuators and hybrid fences, as well as rockfall bunds or embankments, tailored to meet diverse project requirements.

Debris flow and shallow landslide barriers

Reinforced Earth’s debris flow and shallow landslide protection barriers are flexible-net systems used to retain debris and facilitate dewatering; thereby minimising the risk posed by heavy rainfalls for landslides and forceful debris flows. Debris flow nets and shallow landslide barriers offer a cost-effective option to protect against landslides and debris flows. The are easy to install, have low maintenance costs and their durability ensures a long lifespan.

Gain insights into geohazard risk mitigation best practice

Our expert in rockfall protection and geohazard mitigation, Ignacio Hirthe, is offering Lunch & Learn sessions to help clients gain insights into how our solutions can effectively mitigate the risks they face.

Contact us today to schedule your personal session; together we can create a safer, more secure future in the face of climate change.

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