The Reinforced Earth Company Australia and New Zealand (RECo) is a leading civil and geotechnical engineering firm, boasting 60 years of global experience across 40 countries. With a celebrated 50-year legacy in Australia, we provide solutions for soil structure interaction to retain, cross, protect and strengthen.


We develop bespoke earth retaining solutions, including Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) walls and various other retaining structures. The panels for our precast concrete walls are be supplied in various panel shapes, sizes and surfaces, uniquely designed and supplied for each and every project.


Our expertise extends to designing structures to cross obstacles, encompassing bridge abutments, concrete underpasses, precast concrete arch tunnels, culverts and wildlife crossings.


We deploy robust protection systems to mitigate damage from geohazards and natural disasters, including rockfall protection, debris flow mitigation and erosion control.


Our portfolio includes designing and supplying materials for geosynthetic soil reinforcement in applications like basal reinforcement and slope stabilisation.

This expansive portfolio of techniques applies to a wide range of structures for an extended array of market segments, including; roads and motorways, environment, railways, hydraulic works, mining, industry, energy, commercial, housing or military.

In 1963, Henri Vidal, a French engineer, developed a new composite material using earth as a raw material.

Easy-to-use, the Reinforced Earth® technology quickly took hold as an ideal reinforced backfill solution, spawning the development of a company with offices across the five continents in just a few decades.

Today, Reinforced Earth / Terre Armée concentrates an unequalled combination of expertise and accumulated experience in the fields of soil-structure interaction and engineered backfills.



We are driven by ethical & fair decision-making and behaviours. We expect reciprocity from all our stakeholders.


We do what we say,
and say what we do.


We trust our colleagues, support each other to succeed and we hold ourselves to account.


We challenge the status quo and we actively seek new challenges.


Soletanche Freyssinet brings together an unparalleled array of construction and engineering expertise. Reinforced Earth (Terre Armée), along with Soletanche Bachy, Menard, Freyssinet, Nuvia and Sixense provide technical excellence to ensure structure performance and sustainability.

Each of our brands has its own expertise and its own range of solutions and services. Soletanche Freyssinet supports the expansion of its brands by providing the resources to extend their worldwide networks and broaden their technology portfolios.

Our History

Born from a pioneering invention, innovation runs in Terre Armée’s veins. Continuously striving to improve what we can offer today is key to our success and that of our customers.

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Our Team

Our leadership team brings together our executive team, regional managers, and department heads to shape our future with extensive knowledge and diverse expertise.

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Global Presence

Wherever you are in the world, we are there for you. From more than thirty offices spread out throughout five continents, we intervene in more than 160 countries.

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