The Reinforced Earth® Group has led this industry across 6 continents, with an ongoing interest in everything we have built since 1963.
The Reinforced Earth Company has led this industry across 5 continents around the world with a reputation that still remains unsurpassed.
The Reinforced Earth Company was launched in Australia and New Zealand in 1974 by Henri Vidal, the French engineer and architect, whose invention of Reinforced Earth® created the mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) industry.
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Soletanche Freyssinet is a group of specialist engineers, contractors and suppliers; dedicated to the advancement of global infrastructure.

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Lake Lenexa Dam, Kansas, USA
Sustainable Technology

Reinforced Earth® became a global standard because of its economic use of resources, reduction in industrial waste and the manpower needed in the application of this technology. Facing environmental concerns today, the entire Soletanche Freyssinet group recognises that we can make a significant global difference by uniting together and taking these concerns seriously.

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A 50 Year History


The Reinforced Earth Company of Australia and New Zealand


Quality and commitment

Integrity   We choose to be honest and ethical in all our business dealings.
Respect   We show respect for people and our environment by what we say and do.
Excellence   We strive to continually improve safety, quality, competitiveness and performance.
Accountability   We match our words with actions
Teamwork   We listen to, trust, share with and empower our employees.
Innovation   We encourage and value creative solutions to our Client's needs.
Success   We achieve success through the success of our clients, business partners and employees.