Geosynthetic drainage solutions: Geosynthetics aren’t new to the construction and infrastructure sectors, but there’s plenty of chances to innovate and expand, and a new Reinforced Earth in Australia collaboration is now delivering cutting-edge drainage geosynthetics, known as DrainTube. 

Mechanical protection, filtration, drainage and leak detection

DrainTube is a conductive drainage geocomposite consisting of a conductive grid made of Stainless-Steel cables placed inside a DrainTube product. This product aims to provide mechanical protection, filtration, drainage and leak detection. Multiple solutions such as these are available in customised lengths and stiffness, depending on the requirements of the design.

Higher capacity drainage for mining and construction

Fluid control is critical for civil engineering applications. DrainTube is especially suited to mining and construction related drainage, with both sectors requiring customised solutions specifically adapted to dynamic situations. This geosynthetic drainage solution offers a higher capacity drainage than many current products offered in Australia at present. As such, Reinforced Earth’s DrainTube able to handle high loads.

This latest innovation in geosynthetics from Reinforced Earth is offered in partnership with AFITEX-Texel across Australia. Read more about the solution on our website.

Read the full Roads & Infrastructure Australia magazine article on this revolutionary geosynthetic drainage solution here.

Contact your local Reinforced Earth office or and reach out to our expert, Ignacio Hirthe, to discover how we can assist you.

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