Slope Stabilisation Nets and Slope Stability

Explore our comprehensive range of slope stabilisation nets, meticulously engineered to meet diverse project demands.

From high-strength steel wire meshes to resilient cable nets, our solutions offer unparalleled versatility in addressing various rockfall scenarios. Each mesh is meticulously chosen and integrated into our systems to ensure superior performance and enduring resilience in rockfall protection.

Benefit from our strategic alliance with Trumer Schutzbauten, a global leader in rockfall protection. Leveraging its profound expertise and cutting-edge technology, we deliver tailored solutions that surpass industry benchmarks in slope stabilisation nets.

Draped Mesh Systems

Our draped mesh systems employ flexible nets crafted from high-tensile-strength meshes to stabilise slopes and embankments. These nets are expertly anchored at the slope’s apex, extending down to safeguard the entire rock surface. Engineered to absorb the energy of falling rocks and debris, our slope stabilisation drapery systems offer robust protection for infrastructure and ensure the safety of nearby individuals.

Anchored Mesh Systems

Anchored systems, also known as slope retention systems, represent a proven approach to slope stabilisation.

These systems entail the strategic placement of nets, firmly secured to the slope, using a dense matrix of soil or rock anchors, along with specialised anchor plates. Precision is paramount in anchor spacing and placement, determined by anticipated failure modes and potential material mass mobilisation.

The primary aim of these slope stabilisation systems is to withstand external loads and effectively retain material in its original position. By harnessing anchoring mechanisms and incorporating specialised mesh components, our slope retention systems deliver reliable and durable solutions for slope stability.

Explore our other geohazard protection systems:

Ensure the resilience of your slopes with our advanced slope stabilisation solutions. Contact our protection specialist, Ignacio Hirthe, or your local Reinforced Earth Australia office to discuss your rockfall protection and debris flow barrier requirements.

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