TechRevetment™ is an alternate and durable solution for erosion protection.

High strength woven geotextile former is used to provide the shape and form. Essential components of the TechRevetment™ concrete mat erosion control system are non woven geotextiles, geotextile fabric form and fine aggregate concrete. Depending upon the design requirements and specific application, liaison cables can be incorporated in the fabric form.

Types of fabric forms

TechRevetment™ concrete mattress comes in several designs adapted to the site conditions:

> Filter point: with provision of filter points to release pore water pressure from the embankment and increase the stability of the system.
> Uniform sections: with low coefficient of rugosity to minimise headlosses, adapted to canal lining
> Articulating blocks: with internal high strength cable reinforcements in one or two direction, combine resistance to hydraulic forces and flexibility to adapt to the ground profile
> Vegetated: with unfilled areas to allow vegetation growth, for an ecological, aesthetically pleasing and robust erosion protection

Benefits of the TechRevetment™ technology

Underwater installation is one of the various advantages of the TechRevetment™ solution. This provides a unique advantage to the client where dewatering or constructing cofferdams is not possible such as canal bank protection and lining, river bank protection, abutment or pier protection under flowing water.

The erosion protection system consists of fine aggregate concrete and the layout is seamless and monolithic. With the use of concrete there is no requirement for using river stones or stone quarrying, which is a major environmental concern nowadays.

TechRevetment™ is also flexible concrete mat erosion control solution and can adapt as per the soil contour of the bank slope or channel bed. The installation process is faster than the conventional concrete or boulder pitching and gabion laying. It delivers the durability and performance of concrete without the costly, time consuming and difficult installation process of a conventionally-formed concrete slope paving.

TechRevetment™ is appropriate for:

  • Protecting river banks or shorelines from wave and current actions
  • Scour prevention and scour repair
  • Controlling erosion along bridge abutments and piers in flowing rivers
  • River training works
  • Forming impermeable linings for containment ponds or canals

In complement to the TechRevetment™ form concrete mattresses, we will supply TerraTextile™ NW geotextiles for the filter layer and TerraAnchor™ soil anchors which may be required to provide additional resistance against sliding of the TechRevetment™ layer.


Custom engineered

Custom engineered

Each TechRevetment™ project involves a specific holistic design which will result into a solution fitting to the hydraulic and geotechnical site conditions.



TechRevetment™ solutions are flexible in terms of adaptation to the ground profile of the structures to be protected and of ease of installation.

Durable performance

Durable performance

The TechRevetment™ solution delivers the durability and performance of concrete.

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