Soil anchors: Reinforced Earth’s TerraAnchor™ technology is a soil reinforcement solution.

Soil anchors are used for permanent as well as temporary stabilisation of existing slopes and structures by using high tensile galvanised steel rods as soil reinforcement for permanent applications, or galvanised steel strands for temporary applications. Reinforced Earth provides a range of anchor load capacity selections that reach up 15-tons, and driven to variable depths.

Soil anchors are used to actively stabilise structures and embankements that are subject to, or have already experienced destabilisation or displacement caused by weathering, soil erosion, drag, vibration, buoyancy and impact among other conditions. Our engineers develop a patterned matrix for these anchors, which are driven into the soil to a recommended depth and whereby the anchor head is manually or mechanically rotated and locked into position.

This driven and stressed soil anchoring system is used in combination with a suitable ground surface or other facing. Unlike other soil stabilisation methods, this system does not require heavy equipment and cement (grout) for installation, thus making TerraAnchor™ a highly economical solution without the need for heavy working platforms or a large working area.

Applications for TerraAnchor:

  • Temporary or Permanent Stabilisation of Excavation: TerraAnchor™ is often used to stabilise excavation during the construction of buried structures such as bridges, underpasses, tunnels and basements, and provides temporary or permanent stabilisation of excavated ground slopes.
  • Slope Stabilisation: Whether used alone or in combination with other stabilisation techniques, TerraAnchor™ soil anchors can be used to prevent slope failure and landslides, or to stabilise already failing slopes.
  • Support System: Ideal for providing stabilisation support to sheet piles, soldier piles, gabions, structural scaffoldings and also to prevent uprooting of stressed foundations and stabilising vegetation.
  • Strengthening: TerraAnchor™ can be used for strengthening existing structures, for instance weathered or failing retaining structures, gabion walls, tunnel portals and tunnel caverns.
  • Anchorage: Used to improve anchorage capacity for surface erosion protection mattresses, precast revetment armors and grout-fused fabric mattresses.
  • Control of Buoyancy and Uplift Pressure: Used for controlling buoyancy and uplift pressures in foundation raft, pipelines and submerged structure protection systems.


Seamless design and supply process

Seamless design and supply process

Performing as a geotechnical engineer, material supplier and offering installation support services gives the Terre Armee solution a single-source advantages over most alternatives.

Synergistic approach

Synergistic approach

We closely match and combine our soil stabilization solutions with an established footprint for building all types of soil-structure applications.



Our soil anchor solution requires very little, if any equipment to install. And since grouting is not required, the solution is low-impact having minimal disturbance to the environment.

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