Reinforced Earth offers vegetated reinforced steep slopes using ArmaGreen® for the construction of road and rail infrastructure, airports, land development, industrial facilities, waste management and hydraulic works.

Built as earth retaining structures, vegetated reinforced steep slopes are constructed to an angle to horizontal typically between 45° and 76°. These reinforced soil structures are commonly referred to by engineers as Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS) or Geosynthetic Reinforced Slopes (GRS). Reinforced Earth’s success in this field has led to solutions that have reached a world record-setting RSS structure being built to a height exceeding 100m.

Vegetated facing

Vegetated reinforced steep slopes: ArmaGreen® is an engineered solution for reinforced soil slopes that require promotion of natural vegetation. This sustainable solution is completed with a natural vegetated finish and provides optimised “green” integration in natural or peri-urban landscapes.

Vegetated reinforcement for reinforced steep slopes is an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution.


Steep slopes are used for the very diverse applications such as:

  • earth retaining structures
  • platform support
  • slope rehabilitation
  • gravitational risk protection (rockfall, landslides, avalanches)
  • protective bunds (sight barriers, explosion and assault barriers, sight and noise barriers)
  • flood levees and dikes
  • landfills

Design flexibility

Our unique approach provides engineers and builders with a range of technical solutions to best address your particular project requirements. This allows for designers to combine choices of facing elements with an unique selection of soil reinforcements. Facing elements and soil reinforcement components are precisely engineered by Terre Armée on a project-specific basis, whether being permanent or temporary slope structures.

ArmaGreen® Facing system options   Soil reinforcement options
Premium Galvanised steel mesh, for increased durability GS Geostrips (GeoStrap™, EcoStrap™)
Standard Black steel mesh GG ArmaGrid® or TerraTextile™
Basic Wrap around, for temporary low cost solutions ST Steel strips
Web ArmaWeb®, for specific applications    

Contact your local Reinforced Earth office to discuss your reinforced steep slope needs.




Our engineers will work with you to design solutions with ArmaGreen® that will reach your durability expectations and life duration requirements. 

Design flexibility

Design flexibility

Our ArmaGreen® solution allows for many combinations of facings and reinforcements to address projects specifics and challenges. Our engineers will put their technical excellence at the service of your projects to deliver designs and solutions along with supplying materials with the highest quality standards.

Facing options

Facing options

In line with your requirements, ArmaGreen® will allow for the construction of structures presenting a pleasing appearance with vegetated facing.

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