TerraTrel® wire mesh MSE walls.  TerraTrel® a lightweight solution used for the construction of mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) structure using a durable steel wire mesh facing.

Placed and compacted backfill behind the wire facing is layered with either high-adherence (HA) steel strips or welded wire bar mat elements. These elements are structurally connected to the wire facing creating a Reinforced Earth® structure capable of supporting heavy loading and tolerant to settlement and deformation, while remaining operable for all the same purposes as concrete clad MSE walls.

Applications for TerraTrel® wire mesh MSE walls

TerraTrel® is used to build both permanent and temporary civil structures. This wire mesh MSE wall is used for both sloping and vertical retaining walls for bridge abutments, phasing and staging walls, equipment platforms and temporary pre-load embankments.

> Industrial environment

Common applications include building crusher pocket walls, industrial platforms and tunnel collars walls.

> Natural risk mitigation

Terratrel® barriers are often used in rockfall protection and avalanche protection. These are reliable structures that permit both high energy levels and multiple impacts to be controlled.

> Landscaping and terraces

Terratrel® wire mesh MSE walls offer owners and developers an attractive alternative to concrete methods to building permanent residential or urban retaining wall applications.

Temporary structures

For structures involving grade separation (particularly bridge construction), this solution allows the grade to be raised on one side while traffic flow is maintained on the existing lower passage. Once the raised portion is completed, traffic is diverted and the balance of the roadway or bridge is raised to desired grade.


Our soil reinforcements have been designed and tested to optimise the pull-out and tensile capacity for various types of backfill. The reinforcing strips are patterned with “ribs” to optimise bonding with the compacted backfill. Our welded wire bar mats are used for efficiency in low-height walls or lightweight backfill situations where tension is low and extra pull-out capacity is needed.

Corrosion protection for all components in the form of galvanisation is included when necessary to achieve a design life of 75 years, 100 years, or more. For temporary walls, using black steel is an option.

Architectural options

When building permanent structures, we recommend that a column of rock facade (normally 150 to 250 mm wide) be placed just behind the wire mesh facing to control erosion. A separation geotextile is installed behind the facade and is protected from UV light. This alternative provides a permanent structure having an appealing look resembling an architectural stone finish.

For more information on Terratrel® MSE walls contact your local Reinforced Earth office.


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