TerraTilt® precast concrete walls.

Rectangular, full height, precast concrete panel and retaining wall system.

TerraTilt® precast concrete walls combine selected granular, engineered backfill with steel tensile reinforcements and a modular facing system. This unrivalled combination creates a durable, mass gravity retaining wall capable of supporting its own weight, together with very high dead and live loads imposed by associated structures and vehicles.

The precast concrete walls are a rectangular, full height, precast concrete panel faced Reinforced Earth retaining wall system that is unique to Australia. The concrete walls are commonly used for retaining wall and bridge abutment applications. For example, the walls have been extensively used in freeway and highway projects across the country.

Read about a recent project by Main Roads WA, which utilised Reinforced Earth’s TerraTilt® precast concrete wall solution.

Advantages of TerraTilt®

  • Large full height precast concrete panels allow simple and rapid erection of the TerraTilt® precast concrete walls
  • Bridge support columns may be discrete or integrated with the panel using permanent formwork
  • Suitable for a 100-year design life as requested by most road authorities
  • Suitable for vertical walls
  • High resistance to static loads
  • Easily customised with architectural finishes. Visit our architectural gallery to discover examples of available finishes and projects.

For more information on Reinforced Earth’s precast concrete panel solutions and MSE reinforced earth retaining walls contact your local office nationwide.


Ease in handling

Ease in handling

Lightweight components that are easy to stack, transport, handle and quickly install without heavy lifting equipment.



The inherent flexibility of the composite structure is designed to tolerate subgrade deformations.



Perfect for both temporary and permanent structures subject to impact and vibrations, for instance industrial and military applications.

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