Reinforced Earth provides TerraTextile™ NW non-woven geotextile solutions for all types of soil-structure earthworks.

Under the umbrella of TerraTextile™, our line of non-woven geotextiles provide excellent strength and hydraulic characteristics necessary for filtration, separation, drainage, damage control, threats to ground stabilisation and erosion control.

These TerraTextile™ NW needle-punched non-woven geotextiles are manufactured by mechanically orienting and interlocking polypropylene (PP) fibres forming a carded web. With the combination of drafting and heat, the finished fabric delivers high strength with relatively high elongation properties, which offer high levels of survivability when properly used within an engineered design or consultation with Terre Armée engineers.

TerraTextile™ NW non-woven geotextiles allow for various applications:

> Separation and filtration: preventing intermixing of subsurface soils and sub-base materials, and preserves the characteristics of the aggregate material.

> Drainage: when placed as a drainage conduit within the soil, long-term drainage is assured through the prevention of migrating soil particles, and this control results in excellent flow transmission.
> Erosion control: minimises the movement of soil particles within surface water and prevents erosion of soil on a slope.
> Pipe and aggregate wrapping: mitigates clogging of flow receptors and drainage pipes through filtration.
> Filter fabric: used to restrict fine soil particles from migrating through wall, ceiling and floor joints.
> Pavement overlay: providing a protective barrier between pavement layers for improving strength and durability.
> Silt fence: acting as a temporary barrier to mitigate silt and sediments from polluting nearby streams, rivers and sensitive environments.


Environemental protection

Environemental protection

As is common to many Terre Armée solutions, our engineers pay special attention to address controls that mitigate pollutants from contaminating environments.

Structure preservation

Structure preservation

Our solutions provide measures to add resilience and strength to structures in order to assure functionality throughout a long service life.



By offering a wide range of material selections and services to match project-specific requirements, engineers and builders save time and money during implementation.

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