Geosynthetics for drainage management; cutting-edge solutions by Reinforced Earth.

Efficient drainage is crucial for the success and longevity of any project. Whether it’s managing surface water or alleviating sub-surface pressure, a robust drainage system is indispensable in civil engineering designs.

Our product line-up of geosynthetics for drainage include:

  • Draintube™ drainage geocomposites
  • Bi-planar and Tri-planar TerraFlow™ geocomposites, and;
  • TerraDrain™ cellular drainage geocomposites

Geosynthetics for drainage solutions by Reinforced Earth are each tailored to specific site requirements, providing innovative and drainage systems to ensure the safety and performance of civil engineering structures.

Why Geosynthetics for Drainage?

Geosynthetics have emerged as a versatile and efficient alternative to traditional granular materials in various construction applications. They excel not only in separation and filtration but also in water drainage, offering a reliable solution. Typically composed of non-woven geotextile and HDPE pipes, nets, or filaments, drainage geosynthetics provide an effective means of water management.

These geocomposites boast ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness, making them a preferred choice across different sectors.

Primarily utilised in civil and road construction, drainage geo-composites find applications in trench drains, pavement base courses, edge drains, tunnels, mining operations, landfills, rooftops, retaining walls, bridge abutments, sports fields, and buried structures.

Contact your local Reinforced Earth Australia-wide to learn more about TerraDrain and TerraFlow.

Read on to discover more about our new innovative DrainTube drainage solution.

DrainTube – Cutting-Edge Drainage Geosynthetic

Mechanical protection, filtration, drainage and leak detection: DrainTube is a conductive drainage geocomposite consisting of a conductive grid made of Stainless-Steel cables placed inside a DrainTube product. This product aims to provide mechanical protection, filtration, drainage and leak detection. Multiple solutions such as these are available in customised lengths and stiffness, depending on the requirements of the design.

DrainTube is especially suited to mining and construction related drainage, with both sectors requiring customised solutions specifically adapted to dynamic situations. This geosynthetic drainage solution offers a higher capacity drainage than many current products offered in Australia at present. As such, Reinforced Earth’s DrainTube able to handle high loads. This latest innovation in geosynthetics from Reinforced Earth is offered in partnership with AFITEX-Texel across Australia. 

Contact us to utlise DrainTube, the high-capacity drainage solution, in your next project.


Custom engineered

Custom engineered

Each TechRevetment™ project involves a specific holistic design which will result into a solution fitting to the hydraulic and geotechnical site conditions.



TechRevetment™ solutions are flexible in terms of adaptation to the ground profile of the structures to be protected and of ease of installation.

Durable performance

Durable performance

The TechRevetment™ solution delivers the durability and performance of concrete.

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