Geogrid geosynthetic soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation engineered solutions with ArmaGrid®.

Our ArmaGrid® line provides engineers and builders with a straightforward, full-service approach for procuring biaxial and uniaxial, polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) geogrids. Our geogrid performance properties are easily identifiable to specify for use on projects of all types in all construction sectors.

Geogrids are one of the most commonly used geosynthetics; ideal for stabilisation or reinforcement of soils, with applications such as construction over weak soils, road foundations and earth retaining structures.


Our geotechnical engineers and operations teams specialise in designing, manufacturing and supplying ArmaGrid®. These geogrid geosynthetic solutions address the need for:

ArmaGrid® BX (PET)

A high strength and low strain biaxial PET knitted geogrid is manufactured with high tenacity polyester yarns. Developed by geotechnical engineers to support shallow embankments, foundations or other heavily loaded platforms on soft soil. This interlaying geogrid improves load distribution in two directions, maintaining structural integrity and reducing differential settlement of your structures.

ArmaGrid® BX (PP)

This biaxial geogrid is manufactured with PP sheets through accurate punching, and then stretching in two directions under strictly controlled conditions with a continuous orientation through the nodes. The geogrid is inert to chemicals, including acids, alkalis and salts, normally found in soils, and is not compromised by the presence of micro-organisms in soil.

ArmaGrid® UX (PET)

A knitted polyester uniaxial geogrid provides a tensile reinforcement capacity in one direction. This geogrid solution is best suited for demanding soil reinforcement applications, for instance steep slopes, basal reinforcement and foundation improvements where equalised load distribution and settlement control of soil platforms is necessary.

ArmaGrid® UX (PP)

This high-strength uniaxial geogrid is manufactured through a process of one-direction controlled stretching of high-quality punched PP sheets. This finished material has high performance properties. A tensile strength up to 300KN/m, and high modulus, ageing resistance and biological durability making the UX solution perfect for strengthening soft soils, or for building embankments and temporary or staged reinforced soil slopes.

Engineered solutions providers

Reinforced Earth provides clients with a full scope of work, from inception to completion which is the result of extensive transnational engineering and experience. Our teams manage the development of engineered solutions and worldwide delivery of our geogrid geosynthetic solutions by experienced geotechnical engineers.


Providing end to end solutions

Providing end to end solutions

Terre Armée has developed a conjoining range of solutions that seamlessly link their high-end engineered designs with complete oversight of manufacturing and supply operations.

Renowned specialists for soil reinforcements

Renowned specialists for soil reinforcements

Designing, manufacturing and supplying geogrid reinforcement solutions is a logical, evolutionary tract for Terre Armée, the world leader in soils-structure interaction design and materials.

Materials quality assurance and certifications

Materials quality assurance and certifications

Terre Armée certifications for ArmaGrid® solutions satisfy international and local codes for each design, manufacturing and delivery process needed for your project.

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