Reinforced Earth offers the ArmaLynk® ultra high strength geogrid for basal reinforcement and ground stabilisation applications.

Our ArmaLynk® line provides engineers and builders with a straightforward and full-service approach for procuring ultra high performance geogrids. Our geogrid performance properties are easily identifiable to specify for use on projects of all types in all construction sectors.

The geogrid ArmaLynk® is a high-strength PET geogrid used for various basal reinforcement and challenging ground stabilisation needs in support of building roads, bridges, runways, railways, working platforms and heavy-duty pavements.

The geogrid is made of co-extruded and oriented high tensile geosynthetic strips having discrete channels of closely packed high tenacity polyester (PET) yarns encased in a durable polyethylene sheath. These geosynthetic strips are welded to cross strips made from low shrinkage yarns, and together create a strong orthogonal matrix.

ArmaLynk® can be manufactured in extra-wide roll widths in customised lengths and edge strengths with high stiffness to optimise design and consumption for your application.


Embankments on soft soils

ArmaLynk® is used as layered soil reinforcement for building embankments on poor sub-soils for improving stability. ArmaLynk® helps in reducing the construction time and increases the global performance of the project. Embankment foundations reinforced with ArmaLynk® are able to withstand high static and dynamic loads.

Embankments over subsidence and void bridging

ArmaLynk® is used in reinforced fill layers to bridge any potential voids and cavities formed in the underlying soil and thus avoiding sinkhole formation for any new structures, embankments or roads built over of such formations. Areas having historical sites with geological fissures and formations prone to subsidence (for example mining sites) may require soil reinforcement measures with ArmaLynk®.

Load Transfer Platforms and piled embankments

ArmaLynk® is used in the transition layer for distribution and transfer of loads to rigid inclusions such as stone columns or piles in soft foundations. This composite solution optimises settlement control and the load-bearing performance of the rigid inclusions.

Ground stabilisation

ArmaLynk® is used as basal reinforcement in layers or as a flexible mattress for ground improvement works for airport runways, railways, access roads, working platforms, hardstands, heavy duty port pavements and similar applications.

Reinforced Steep Slopes and walls

ArmaLynk® performs as a high-performance soil reinforcing elements for building mechanically stabilised reinforced steep slopes and walls.

Landfill expansions

ArmaLynk® can be used effectively in combination with other Reinforced Earth products for landfill expansions to solve the ever growing problem of waste disposal, especially for raising dykes over existing landfills or increasing the capacity of existing landfills.

Land reclamation

ArmaLynk®, used in combination with other Reinforced Earth ground stabilisation techniques facilitates all types of sustainable land reclamation and redevelopment, for example sludge lagoon remediation on soft soils.

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Cost and time savings

Cost and time savings

For most applications, ArmaLynk® is an alternative to complex installation of deep foundation elements, and therefore saving time and money.

Optimized approach

Optimized approach

Through customized design, manufacturing and transport, the ArmaLynk® quantities, weights and roll dimensions are always optimized.

High durability

High durability

ArmaLynk® geogrids provide relief to degradation and load fatigue on pavements and structural subgrade-base elements, therefore extending the service life of these structures.

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