Terre Armée’s ArmaWeb® is an expandable, cellular soil confinement solution.

ArmaWeb® is an ideal answer for engineers and builders seeking to design or install a durable system for permanent or temporary control of erosion, stabilizing subgrade soils or for controlled load distribution.

We offer a high-performance, prefabricated 3-dimensional textured geosynthetic protection system made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cell webs. The cells are welded at joints to form a cellular soil confinement system. Installing ArmaWeb® is quick and straightforward, and is favorable among engineers and developers for use in a number of landscape applications for transportation, industrial and residential infrastructure projects. Typical applications include:

  • Slope and surface stabilization
  • Load support platforms under embankments
  • Roadway pavement and underlaid reinforcement
  • MSE and gravity retaining walls formed by stacked ArmaWeb® cell rolls
  • Hydraulic channel lining stabilzation

Whether your plans call for a “green” or hardened “grey” surface, your ArmaWeb® structure is confirgured with an interlocking matrix of geosynthetic cells that are adaptable to meet environmental, aesthetic and prescribed loading conditions. Stress crack-resistant cells are filled with select aggregates, densified soil, natural flora-growing soils or concrete fill for creating a light or hard-armored landscape structure. Adapting to the countours of the terrain, these structures are suited to stabilize embankments while finished with an attractive sustainable landscape.

Based on your project requirements, the layout and density of the confinement cells may be designed in a single or multi-layered configuration. Depending on whether a permanent or temporary application, our engineers will develop a comprehensive design to support applied loads ranging from simple, static and stationary embankments to heavy industrial, roadway, railway, airplane traffic load-supporting embankments, and for locations that are prone to earthquake or floods.


Sustainable approach

Sustainable approach

Our teams are trained and educated to think “green”. We consider all alternatives and advise our clients as to what is possible to deliver eco-friendly solutions.

Safe design

Safe design

As part of one of the world’s largest construction firms, we have the know-how to safely deal with soil erosion, stabilization and soil-structure risk mitigation.

Choice selection of solutions

Choice selection of solutions

Terre Armee engineers will dedicate a team to consider the whole of your work environment when developing the best soil erosion control and stabilization solutions that fit best with minimal risk.

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