Fanwall™  is a free-standing, modular precast concrete barrier solution that is used for building noise barriers, security and protection barriers, and privacy fencing.

The innovation is best known for using the structure’s own trapezoidal footprint as the bearing surface for overall stability, rather than relying on deep foundations, rigid posts or structural footings that are common to other alternatives.

Innovation in precast concrete barriers

The unique Fanwall™  layout consists of either full-height or stacked panels that are joined at engineered angles, which makes the wall free-standing with maximum vertical stiffness to prevent overturning and resist wind loads and vibrations. Panels are designed with rotatable, ball-and-socket interlocking joints. The joints provide the necessary residual angular rotation and vertical movement to resist the effects of expansion, contraction and frost heave. The panel joint is designed as close-fitting for both sight and sound.

The design specifics of the panel joints is especially innovative. During installation, the precast concrete barrier panels are fastened together with aircraft-grade stainless steel cables which are tensioned to close and tighten the joint. This unique connection system allows the Fanwall™ to be easily dismantled or relocated with 100% salvageability.


Our engineers and project managers coordinate design, manufacturing, delivery and onsite technical guidance for the most efficient installation. Minimal site preparation is required, as panels are set directly on compacted granular materials. Installation is simple and follows a predictable, sequential plan. Typical production rates of achieving one panel placement including tensioning every ten minutes can be predicted.


Fanwall™ panels are ideally suited for architectural finishes, and in many cases have been built with sound absorptive cladding. Laboratory testing by the US military verified Fanwall durability against ballistics and forced entry.

Since 1975, the Fanwall™  solution has been built in nearly every construction sector, including transportation, urban and residential, energy, military including:

Read more about how Fanwall is an effective acoustic barrier and noise wall at the National Precast association.




The Fanwall®  solution can be easily dismantled, relocated, stored or salvaged with little or no disruption to the nearby environment.

Low-impact construction

Low-impact construction

The Fanwall®  solution minimizes the needs for site preparation through installation taking place directly on the native foundation.



Facing elements are available in a wide range of architectural treatments.

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