Freyssinet – Tierra Armada Panamá is pursuing its involvement in the road work of the Nicaraguan capital with the building of 3 access ramps.

Freyssinet – Tierra Armada Panamá began the second Reinforced Earth® wall project in Nicaragua with the construction of the 7 Sur interchange. Launched in 2017 by national authorities, this work forms part of a road network improvement project to improve mobility in the city and its surrounding areas.

In 2017, Freyssinet – Tierra Armada Panamá had already taken part in the first phase of the project with the construction of 4,800 m² of Reinforced Earth® walls on access ramps for the Piedrecitas interchange bridges. Made of TerraSquare® and reinforcements, these walls were the first built outside of Panama since the launch of this BU.

Freyssinet – Tierra Armada Panamá began the second phase of works in July 2018, taking charge of engineering, supply and technical assistance for 3,873 m² of Reinforced Earth® walls for three access ramps to the ‘7 Sur’ interchange bridge.

As the capital’s biggest road junctions, the Piedrecitas and 7 Sur interchanges will improve road circulation for 40,000 vehicles daily, reducing journey times from the previous 50 to 80 minutes to 10 to 15 minutes maximum at rush hour when the works are completed in 2019.


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