Lake Lenexa Dam, Kansas, USA

Sustainable Technology

From the outset, Vidal’s vision for Reinforced Earth® was to reduce the consumption of man-made components by utilising the inherent strength of the natural soil. Reinforced Earth Company engineers have continued on this mission with significant advancements in design methods and careful selection of materials for load-bearing retaining walls.

Our range of soil reinforcements can effectively accommodate significant variation in the physical, chemical and electro-chemical properties found in both natural and recycled fill materials.

We routinely include monitoring systems in critical infrastructure so that we can confidently assess the condition and load bearing capacity at any time during its service life. We can be assured of the performance of the structure as well as being provided with actual in service data that can potentially extend the life of the infrastructure.

Similarly, the elegant shape of our TechSpan® arch tunnels, through their interaction with the soil they support, derives the twin benefits of maximum economy of construction materials and enhanced durability of the reinforced concrete components.

The Group has developed tools to create a life cycle analysis for our infrastructure solutions to assist clients in their evaluation of the environmental impact of alternative designs. We strive to continuously strengthen our quality, health and safety, and environmental culture through focused training of employees at all levels who are empowered by our procedures to act. Employees are encouraged to contribute to the social environment at work and in the community in the spirit of equal opportunity, solidarity, teamwork, integrity and loyalty.