Tierra Armada Chile Tranques de Relaves

Construction of a Reinforced Earth® Retaining Wall at the Las Tortolas Tailings Dam of the Los Bronces Copper Mine in Chile by Tierra Armada in 2014.

Terre Armee Portfolio 2014

Showcases some of the Reinforced Earth Company projects from around the world in 2014.

Terre Armee Portfolio 2015

Showcases some of the Reinforced Earth Company projects from around the world in 2015.

Retain Cross Protect



The Tulla Sydney Alliance

This ambitious M80 project has a finish that everyone seems to be proud of.

Soletanche Bachy Group

A beautiful look at the power of synergy within the group.

Soletanche Freyssinet Group

An inspiring look at the history of our group of companies that have come together for the benefit of global infrastructure.

Soletanche Freyssinet Film

An exciting look at the activities of the Soletanche Freyssinet activities around the world in 2011.


Reinforced Earth® Constructing Strength

Reinforced Earth Constructing Strength showcases the construction of Reinforced Earth® retaining wall applications from planning, construction and through to the finishing stages.  It was filmed by The Reinforced Earth Company in the US in 2005.

Woomera Military Bomb Test

In 1987 the military performed a sophisticated bomb test in Woomera on a Reinforced Earth wall and other types of structures, leading to many projects that the Reinforced Earth Company has delivered for the military.

50th Anniversary of Reinforced Earth

 The Reinforced Earth Group has led this industry across six continents, with an ongoing interest in everything we have built internationally and in Australia since 1963.