How we do it

  • Concept & Feasibility

    We develop conceptual designs and budgets with you to help you to determine the right solution for your project.
  • Tendering

    We produce a preliminary design that demonstrates how our solution will be applied, with detailed drawings, estimates on quantities, supply programs and firm pricing.
  • Design

    Our designers and engineers take your project to final certified design in accordance with the relevant codes and client specifications, adding critical details to the drawings to provide information for manufacture, construction and the safe handling of the components.
  • Safety

    We design for safety during construction and in service. If required, we can design and supply the propping and handrails needed for a safe work environment.
  • Manufacture

    We prefabricate the proprietary construction materials in accordance with our Project Management Plan at one of our own precast facilities or at the precast facility of one of our strategically located business partners.
  • Delivery

    Our Project Managers coordinate the manufacture and delivery of components to suit your construction program.
  • Technical Advice

    Experienced engineers, technicians and supervisors are available for on-site training, advice and trouble-shooting throughout the construction period.
  • Construction

    As well as technical advice, we can supply experienced personnel for full time supervision if required for remote sites or inexperienced work crews.
  • Completion

    We can provide materials data records collected under our independently certified quality assurance procedures for all components supplied to your project.
  • Maintenance & Upgrades

    We include removable test strips in the walls of critical infrastructure for later retrieval, enabling our engineers to give reliable advice on the condition of the wall and its capacity for upgrading.