TechSpan® is the leading precast concrete arch system in Australia and New Zealand today. Its funicular shape, custom design and three pin arrangement provides a versatile, robust and reliable concrete tunnel solution for your bridge or tunnel. Concrete durability is enhanced because tensile stresses in the concrete panels in the finished structure are minimised. Discover our online catalogue and shape calculator for your bespoke TechSpan® solution



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TerraClass® is the iconic cruciform-shape synonymous with The Reinforced Earth Company all over the world.


The modular, cruciform shaped precast concrete panel, a largely non-structural component, was originally an architectural design to visually break up straight lines and hide aesthetic imperfections that may be caused by significant foundation settlement under very high walls. 


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TerraPlus® uses square or rectangular shaped concrete panels, which are typically larger than TerraClass® panels. This panel was specifically developed to satisfy an increasing demand for non-proprietary shaped panels and to more easily accommodate constantly changing and complex architectural finishes that often create a mural across adjacent panels in the wall. Although TerraPlus® is larger than TerraClass®, the rate of construction will be similar because the speed of earthworks controls the overall rate of construction.


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TerraTilt® is a full height precast concrete panel system developed in response to demands from landscape architects and some owners for full height panels to simulate the appearance of conventional reinforced concrete walls.


Full height panel systems require excellent foundations with negligible settlement to avoid the opening of vertical joints and the potential for spalling of concrete, an unsightly appearance and loss of fill.

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TerraMet® is the current model of the original facing system developed by Vidal and predates TerraClass® by several years. A significant number of TerraMet® walls were constructed for the French road network during the 1970’s and remain in service today.


Made from galvanised semi-elliptical, modular steel panels, TerraMet® is lightweight, easily transportable and fast to erect without the need for a crane.


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TerraTrel®, with its modular, steel wire facing provides all the design advantages of traditional Reinforced Earth®, at a reduced cost, for both temporary and semi-permanent walls. The system is particularly useful for temporary grade separation walls during staged construction where traffic must be maintained then shifted, or as a replacement to sheeting and shoring. It uses lightweight materials that are easily transported and rapidly installed without the use of a crane.


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The GeoMega® system is a fully synthetic soil reinforcement system which incorporates discrete lengths of either GeoStrap® (PET) or EcoStrap® (PVA-L) reinforcing strips. The strips are threaded through GeoMega’s patented panel insert that is cast into the precast concrete facing panel. With both PET and PVA-L strips and no metallic components, the Geomega® system can be designed for permanent infrastructure applications in marine and chemically aggressive environments.


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Green Walls

Green Walls are designed to blend into the natural environment and as a means to create living floral features.


The foliage of Green Walls creates natural air filtration and the soft break-up of hard surfaces help to absorb sound.


Green Walls maintain the robustness and reliability of other Reinforced Earth® wall systems.

Reinforced Earth®

Henri Vidal’s invention of Reinforced Earth® combined discrete, tensile reinforcing strips with granular soil (sands and gravels with minimal clay and silt) and is faced with modular panels to create a vertical, cohesive, monolithic, mass gravity retaining wall with exceptional flexibility, strength and load-bearing capacity. The transfer of stress in the surcharged earth block to strain in the reinforcing strips is effected through friction.


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