Upgrades & Remedials

Wall StrengtheningTesting TerraClass® Retaining Wall

Upgrades & Strengthening

Reinforced Earth® structures were first built in Australia in 1974 and today over 1,000,000m² of walls have been completed country wide. With the ever-increasing demand on existing infrastructure, many retaining walls require modification and strengthening to cater for the next generation of vehicular traffic and the associated loading.


Our ability to develop uniquely engineered solutions combined with considerable experience and our extensive design and construction records for all our completed structures, means that we can assist in providing upgrading design advice from concept through to realisation.

Truck Accident DamageTruck Accident


Like any valuable asset that requires inspection and a program for maintenance, Reinforced Earth® walls should also be inspected from time to time to assess if conditions/environment have changed that might affect the service life requirements. RECO have engineers with extensive experience in both MSE wall design and condition inspections who can provide the owner with an inspection and maintenance report on your Reinforced Earth® wall and advice on current and future use. 

Placing TerraClass® panel - Pile structuresTerraClass® Panel expansion


An increasing trend of widening urban highways and bridges has created the need for extensions to existing Reinforced Earth® structures.

With the combination of local and international experience, RECO can provide you with a wide range of practical and innovative design and construction options to extend on, or to an existing Reinforced Earth® wall or to construct an all new retaining structure in front of an existing Reinforced Earth® wall.