Natural disasters

Earthquake DamageFlood

The cost of disasters

Throughout history Nature’s forces have proven to be overwhelmingly dangerous causing heavy loss of life, injuries and extensive damage to property. The Reinforced Earth® techniques through its natural strength and flexibility can help mitigate the consequences of such natural disasters.


Road Collapse 200m away from Reinforced Earth® Wall after earthquakeReinforced Earth® Wall after earthquake


The most effective way for any structure to resist strong ground motions due to seismic activity is to have sufficient flexibility to dissipate the applied energy while not attracting detrimental loads onto critical structural elements. The inherent and proven ductility and resilience of Reinforced Earth® justify its high degree of acceptance in seismic active regions around the world. There are many documented examples of excellent performance during earthquakes which prove they can tolerate seismic events far better than actually designed for.

TerraTrel® Landslide ProtectionTerraTrel® Avalanche Barriers

Floods, Tsunamis, Mud and Lava Flows

Due to its lower use of construction materials compared to a regular embankment and its suitability for vertical and sloping facing as well as over-steepened slopes, Reinforced Earth® is ideal as protection dikes or channelling walls against a variety of hazardous and naturally aggressive events such as water in the case of floods or tsunamis, but also debris and even lava flows.

TechSpan® Structure - Rockfall ProtectionTechSpan® Structure - Rockfall Protection

Rockfalls & Slope Failures

TechSpan® precast arch system can provide an economical protective solution for rockfalls and slope failures at the ends of tunnels.   TechSpan® arches can be designed to fit exactly the shape of the tunnel and can be installed over traffic flow without disruption.

Landslide AreaLandslide Protection


With natural flexibility and resilience, Reinforced Earth® structures are an easy to construct technique which have been used in many cases to provide active protection against landslides.